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Women's Rights are Human Rights  




Are you the victim of violence or threats?
If you are young and feel oppressed and controlled in the home,
Want to help us as a volunteer,
Want to become a member or just want to know more about us,
Have you recently arrived in Sweden and abused?

Women's rights is a nonprofit organization working for women's and girls' rights in Swedish society. The right of women was formed in November 2001.

Currently, women can get support and advice in several languages​​. Women's rights also operates a hotline and support apartments. The right of women annually organizes several programs / workshops to help women and young girls.

The right of women conducting external conferences and seminars, conducts public opinion work if the prevailing gender power relations from a feminist and ethnic perspective .

Call : 08 7526636
Write to: info@womansrights.org
Visiting address: Inedalsgatan 11
112 33 Stockholm