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Women's Rights are Human Rights  




Ring the office of the association of Women's Rights at 08 752 66 36, between 10-14 weekdays.  Leave a message at other times or when direct contact has not been made, and let us know how to get in touch with you by phone or otherwise.

Social services :
This group offers support and advice to women and young girls who turn to us for help. The association coaches them as to how to benefit from the possibilities provided by the institutions and authorities that have come into existence as a result of the struggles of generations of women in Sweden.

If you need help you can call Maria Rashidi at the office number 08 7526636, or  send her an email: rashidi_maria@yahoo.se.

The board members are :

Director : Maria Rashidi
Eamil: rashidi_maria@yahoo.se

Mobile : 073-728 68 93

Shahin Pooya 
Email : Shahin_pooya@hotmail.com
Mobil:070-402 55 31  

Jamileh Sattari
Email: jamilehsattari@hotmail.com
Mobil: 070-4943568  

Homa Valizadeh
Email: Homayon.valizadeh@comhem.se
Mobil: 073-7016912  

Shahnaz Laji
Email: shahnaz_laji@hotmail.com
Mobil: 070-170 82 88

Behzad Barkhodaei
Email: behzad@comhem.se
Mobile: Mobile: 073-9397143

Azadeh Abbspour
Email: asabbaspour@yahoo.se
Minoo Chang
Email: changpm1@yahoo.com

Maryam Rashidi
Email: maryam@rashidi.se

Visiting address:

Inedalsgatan 11
112 33 Stockholm

Tel: 08 752 66 36
Email: info@womansrights.org